Extension Tubes Examples - Rochester, New York

(Rochester, New York - September 13, 2016)

Some people have asked to see extension tubes examples and how they work.

Every lens has a closest focus distance (minimum). For example with my Canon 35 mm F2 lens I can focus as close as 9.8 inches and can't get any closer.

Extension tubes allow your lens to focus closer then it could without them. They fit between your camera and your lens. They work with all lenses (primes, zooms, macros, etc.)

You can stack them together if you want. They are hollow tubes so there is no image loss. The possibilities are endless as to how close you can get. Well beyond "macro" if you want.

This is not a tutorial. Go online and read about them. I've owned dedicated Canon macro lenses in the past and loved them. I also like my current extension tubes just as much. There are pluses and minuses with extension tubes.

NOTE: The photos are 100% crops. That is, they are the actual entire photo resized to 900 x 600 pixels web size. Nothing is cropped out.

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